Design trends you can embrace in your Garage Door

As we enter into a new decade, the functionality and design of our homes continue to evolve. Our homes reflect our lifestyles, and as we try to minimise our impact on the environment, live busy, complex lives and seek health and wellness, these influences are incorporated into the design of our homes. And of course, all whilst maintaining an ‘Instagramable’ aesthetic. 

Sustainability, multipurpose spaces, automation and natural colours and textures are key trends we’re seeing for 2020. 

Don’t get left in the last decade! Here’s how you can embrace the latest house trends and styles, all in your garage door! 


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The incorporation of sustainability in design and construction is more important now than ever. As we continue trying to minimise our impact on the earth and create spaces that are environmentally friendly, design, style and functionality have not been compromised in the slightest! 

Insulated Garage Doors are now widely being used to increase energy efficiency and are a great addition if you use your garage as a multi-purpose space, helping to block out the elements and external noises. 

Image: Insulated garage door 

Danmar Thermoflat Insulated Panel Door

Read more about the Thermopanel Range

Window Security Shutters are also a great way to block out the summer heat, keep the warmth in during the cooler months and are perfect for shift workers needing to block out light and sound during the day. 

Image: Security window shutters


Multi-purpose Spaces 

Whether you’re a growing family, a hobby enthusiast, running a business from home or simply in need of a man-cave, your garage can be a great temporary or permanent extra room. More and more people are using their garages as a spare bedroom, kids playroom, home gym or parents hideaway. 

Combine an insulated garage door with the Cleverseal brush system and your garage becomes just as safe and secure as any other room in the house! The brush system blocks nasty bugs, dust and other elements from entering through the gaps around your garage door. Cleverseal also provides a fire-rated brush seal product called Cinderseal, which is a great addition to your bushfire protection plan, blocking embers and ash from entering through the gaps as well. 

Image: cleverseal brush system



Just as we rely on our phones for directions, to organise our diaries and basically every other function of our lives, we can now rely on our phones to operate our garage doors using the Merlin MyQ Smartphone system

The Merlin MyQ smartphone monitoring and operating system gives you the ability to not only open and close your door but to also monitor its open or closed status and receive notifications about the door operating. With multiple users of family and friends potentially added you can check the log to see who has operated the door 24/7 365 days of the year so long as wifi is connected to the Merlin MyQ Gateway at home. Another great incentive to upgrade to the Merlin MyQ motor is that it comes standard with our upgraded E960M Premium 2.0+ Remote controls and also the IR-Safety Beam Kit. 


Exterior Wall Cladding

Wall cladding has become quite popular again in Australian homes, being used both on the inside and outside of the home. Custom made panel garage doors are being incorporated into a larger wall facade to create the illusion of a hidden door. 

Locally here in Newcastle, Orton Building has incorporated an MGD custom panel door into their Orton Haus project. The white panels in the door align with the cladding on the wall creating a streamline, flush look. 

Image: Orton Haus Facade

Delta Custom Flush Fit Panel Door with 133 Vertical Scyon Axon Cladding. 

You can view more of this door and the Orton Haus project on their Instagram.

At another local home, we created this look with a Delta Custom Flush Fit Panel Door with 40mm Pacific Teak Vertical Battens. Again, the panels on the door align with the surrounding battens, creating a ‘hidden door’ illusion. But in this case, there is no backing behind the panels, allowing for natural light to flood the room and the cool coastal breeze to flow through. 

Image: Vertical Batten garage door 

Delta Custom Flush Fit Panel Door with 40mm Pacific Teak Vertical Battens. 


Ready to update your home and incorporate the latest style and sustainability trends?

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