Turn your Garage into a Multi-Purpose Space

Traditionally our garages have been a place where we store our cars, but as the need for multipurpose spaces within our homes increases, we are turning to our garages to play host to a range of different activities. 

Having your garage set up as a multipurpose space can not only be extremely useful in your day-to-day life, but it also has the potential to add to the value of your home.

Ask MGD how a new garage door can add value to your home.

So what are the different ways people are using their garages, and how can you transform your garage into a versatile space? 


Traditionally used to store our cars and other items such as bikes, garden tools, excess furniture and plenty more, our garages can be transformed from ‘dump zone’ to ‘storage heaven’ with some simple accessories. Shelving, hooks and baskets are simple accessories you can use to sort and store your belongings to create a tidy space. If you're stuck for creative ideas, Pinterest has you sorted with 1000s! 

 Pinterest board 

Home Gym

If you’ve got a busy schedule, are on a budget or prefer to workout away from the crowds, then a home gym might be the perfect use for your garage! With fairly cheap exercise equipment available from stores like Kmart, setting up a home gym in your garage has never been easier.

    But what about airflow? 

Merlin’s automatic garage door openers allow you to open your door up partway. So depending on whether you like to work out in private or would like to let a little airflow through, you can open up the garage door as much or as little as you like. 

Door partially open

Alipanel Garage Door partially open

If airflow and privacy are both just as important, you might consider something like our Delta Custom Flush Fit Panel Door with 40mm Pacific Teak Vertical Battens. This door allows natural light and air to enter the garage while maintaining privacy and security. 

Batten Panel Doo

Delta Custom Flush Fit Panel Door

Extra living room

Need an extra room to send the kids to watch tv, or to even escape to yourself? Adding a few homely touches like a rug, thick wall drapes and a couch will turn your garage into a more livable space. 

To make the room even cosier, consider installing an insulated garage door. They will help to block out the heat in summer and keep your garage warm in the winter. Plus, their sleek design looks great on any contemporary home. 

Insulated door Insulated door

Danmar Thermoflat In White

Spare bedroom 

Got family visiting for the weekend and really not sure where they’re going to sleep? If you’re not fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom, the thought of having visitors can be quite daunting. If you’ve already converted your garage into an extra living room, simply swap the ordinary couch for a futon or fold-out and voila, you have a spare bedroom! 

    Sleeping in a garage still doesn’t sound too appealing?

To block out all of the nasty bugs, dust, pollen or cold draughts sneaking through the gaps around your garage door, consider a Cleverseal brush system. This system is installed around your garage door and closes the gaps, keeping you safe from unwanted guests.

If your garage has windows, security shutters are also a great way to block out sound and light!



Many Australians are now choosing to work from home. Although this provides great convenience, it can make it hard to draw a distinct line between your personal and work life, especially if your desk is close to your living space. A great way to separate your work and personal life, or if you simply don’t have space inside your home, is to set up your garage as a home workspace! 

Natural light is so important in a workspace, and this is often something your garage lacks. But, no longer! Introducing the Clearlite Panel Door! With translucent panels, this door allows natural light into the garage whilst the door is down. Similar doors are also available with glass panels! 

Danmar clearlite clearlite clearlite

Danmar Clearlite Panel Garage Doors

If you would like to chat to Macquarie Garage Doors about how you can maximise the potential of your garage, please get in touch! 

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