Insulated Garage Doors

An insulated garage door could be the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to completing the insulation of your home. 

Whether you're wanting to utilise your garage as another space such as a home office or home gym, or just wanting to increase your energy efficiency, an insulated garage door might be the perfect option for you! 

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What is an Insulated Garage Door? 

There are two ways you can insulate your garage door. 

The first is to install a ready insulated Thermopanel garage door. 

Danmar's Thermopanel Range are sectional garage doors created from smooth-finish insulated panels.

They offer up to 30% reduced thermal transmission. 

The Thermoflat garage doors are smooth finish panels formed into sectional garage doors. They are the ONLY panel door in today's market that can guarantee against an industry-wide issue of oil canning or ripples throughout the panel. Choosing this panel door means you will have a perfectly smooth finish door that no other can deliver on.

The Thermofine garage doors are smooth-ribbed insulated panels formed into the sectional garage door. Vee join look approximately every 100mm to look like timber boards.

See examples of the Thermopanel range below

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The second is to upgrade your existing garage door by fitting it with an insulation system. This is where we would combine KoolDoor Garage Door Insulation Kit with a Clever Seal door sealing system. 

The KoolDoor Insulation Kit is made from Polyisocyanurate foam inserts that fit into the spaces between the panel door framing. The foil is covered with heavy-duty foil, laminated to both sides. The foil facing the garage has a bright white coating, creating a clean, aesthetically pleasing internal finish. 

Watch a time-lapse of a KoolDoor kit being installed: 

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The Clever Seal garage door sealing kit can be added to most garage doors including Danmar's Thermopanel garage doors. This is the final step to fully insulating and protecting your garage from the outside. 

You can read more about the Clever Seal kit and watch a video here. 


Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

  • Help to moderate garage temperature - keeping the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer. 
  • Increase energy efficiency by reducing the need for heating & cooling in your garage
  • Minimises noise penetration from outside, and keeps the sound in - to keep the neighbours happy during garage parties or jam sessions. 
  • Clean look and no sharp edges on the inside panels - flat internal edge from foam inserts or ready-made insulated panels
  • Reduced likelihood of pests on the inside due to the flat door back

Another great benefit of insulated garage doors is the flexibility it gives you in terms of garage door uses. With the extra insulation of your door, your garage becomes a more livable and versatile space. 

For ideas on different ways you can use your garage read Turn Your Garage Into A Multipurpose Space


Examples of Insulated Garage Doors

Danmar's Insulated Garage Doors not only have many great benefits as listed above, but they are a very stylish, sophisticated looking door. 

Danmar Thermoflat Insulated Panel Door

Danmar Thermoflat Insulated Panel Door in White

Danmar Thermo

Danmar Thermoflat Insulated Panel Door in Windspray

Danmar Thermoflat

Danmar Thermoflat Insulated Panel Door in Black


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