Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of garage doors do you supply?

Our preferred brand for all of our colorbond roller doors and panel glides is Gliderol Garage Doors. They are an Australian Owned and operated company with their manufacturing factory based in Sydney. They only use Australian Made Colorbond Steel for all their doors.

What brand of garage door motors do you use?

For all of our garage door motors we use only the best in Merlin Automatic Openers. All of their motors are compliant to current Australian Standards in terms of operation and safety. With market leading warranty and backup service there really is no other reason why you should not choose a Merlin Automatic Opener installed by their only Authorised Elite Dealer Macquarie Garage Doors in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens Regions.

Can you provide a custom made garage door?

Yes, we can supply all types of custom made panel doors. All it takes is for you to ask the question about what you exactly want and we come back to you with a price. We use an Australian Door Manufacturer called Danmar Doors. They construct doors with a strong aluminium frame and designed with either authentic timber or the latest contemporary designs. Each door is handcrafted to a very high quality standard and backed by a 3 year warranty. Enquire with Newcastle's Number One Danmar Dealer Macquarie Garage Doors today.

Can you repair my garage door?

Macquarie Garage Doors can do repairs on all major brands and models of garage doors and motors including Gliderol, B&D, Steeline, Merlin, Grifco, Robot and Automatic Technology Australia. As long as parts for older models are still available, then yes we can repair older motors also. Macquarie Garage Doors have eight highly trained service crews so call us today to have your service or repair booked in as soon as possible to minimise downtime.

How often should my door be serviced?

Depending on your usage of garage door at home, we recommend approximately every two years that your door should be serviced by an experienced garage door specialist such as Macquarie Garage Doors. This is seen as preventative maintenance to help stop major issues building up on a garage door that in turn protects your door and motor for a longer period of time. We offer scheduled preventative maintenance service so every 2 years we contact you and make the booking to have door checked so it is one less thing for the customer to worry about. It's all taken care of by Macquarie Garage Doors.

What areas do you service?

Areas of service for Macquarie Garage Doors are Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Central Coast.

Can I install new motors to an existing garage door?

Yes, once you the customer decides to proceed we will send our installation crew out to site and before installation as long as the current door passes operation tests conducted by our highly trained serviceman and is suitable for fitting of a new motor then we can fit the motor while on site for you. As an added bonus while fitting the motor we offer a FREE service on the garage door.

Do you have commercial capabilities?

Yes, we have an experienced team of commercial service and installation for all types of roller shutters, industrial sheds and apartment carpark building entrances and exits. For any commercial enquries please contact our office or contact us below at bottom of this page.

Can you supply window shutters?

Yes, we can supply and fit all types of window security shutters. We use Maverick Roller Products for all our supply and installation of new shutters and also for any repair parts. These shutters can prove to be the best in safety and privacy especially for those who have shift work or those who are extra security aware.

Do we provide servicing for gate automation?

Yes, we have an experienced gate electrician that can service your gate, replace the automation and even interface with intercoms. Any questions should be forwarded to our friendly office staff for further information.

I see television advertisements of cars going into the garage and the door coming down unexpectedly and cause damage to the car. What can i do to stop this?

All our Merlin Electric Operators are compliant with Australian Standards. A requirement of this standard is that the door have an auto reverse function so then when an obstruction is met the door will automatically going into a safety reversal mode. Another option to increase safety is to have photo electric safety beams fitted to the garage door. This is an infrared beam the shoots across the door opening and should the beam be broken/obstructed the door will not close until the opening is fully cleared and safe. Contact Macquarie Garage Doors today to find out how we can improve the safety features of your existing garage door or gate.

My remote control does not work?

If you are having issues with remotes the first step is to check the battery inside the remote control. This is the most common issue with remotes. the next step if battery has been replaced and remote is not working is to consult your owners manual to ensure the remote is correctly coded into your motor. Should this still fail you will need to contact Macquarie Garage Doors where we can send an experienced serviceman to identify your remote issues. It is always best to have all your remotes with you while serviceman is on site and to also inform our office what kind of remote you have exactly.

My garage door Is noisy. What can I do for this?

Regular servicing by a professional garage door company such as Macquarie Garage Doors approximately every 2 years on residential homes can help prevent your garage door from creating abnormal noises.This may be due to the doors moving parts becoming dry and causing extra friction and wear to your important door parts. You can also do your own maintenance by using silicone spray on any moving parts of panel doors and also the tracks on a roller door every couple of months to ensure the door is fully lubricated and not causing unnecessary wear and tear. To book in your garage door service please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of page.

My door is closing part way and goes back up. Why?

This is the safety feature of the motor being activated. If the door has not been regularly serviced by a professional the door becomes heavier due to loss of tension. The force limit is reached on the motor and then the motor reacts in the way that it thinks there is an obstruction in the way and must auto reverse. This can help to be prevented by having a Macquarie Garage Doors technician completing a full service on your garage door approximately every 2 years.

I just heard a really loud bang sound and now my garage door does not lift up. Why?

When this occurs it is a cause of your tension spring snapping on the panel door. This is due to general wear and tear from door usage and is a common issue. In this instance it is best not to touch the door or springs and make contact with Macquarie Garage Doors urgently to organise a spring replacement. To help avoid as best possible this situation we recommend that the door be serviced so the spring tension is correct and the door does not become excessively heavy for the springs to operate correctly.

I have lost or had my garage door remote control stolen and I am concerned about security? What can I do?

It is possible to have the coding of your garage door motor and controls deleted and reset so that only the remotes you recode back to the motor will be the only ones that work. A Macquarie Garage Doors serviceman can do this on site for you and included in the original service fee we can service your door also.

Can you provide power points for my garage door motor?

Macquarie Garage Doors are not licensed electricians but should this service be needed we can contact our trusted electrician to install powerpoint. Costs would be circumstantial per job according to where the power will be sourced from.

My garage door is not opening when i try to lift it or press remote?

A couple of trouble shoot to figure out why are the following - 

  • Check powerpoint is working by testing another appliance in the same power point
  • Check tension springs have not snapped.
  • Check tension cables have not snapped
  • if any of the above occurs or you cannot see any of these issues please contact Macquarie Garage Doors immediately to book in repairs
The day has arrived for my brand new garage door to be installed by Macquarie Garage Doors. What do I need to do beforehand to prepare for arrival of installation crew?

Macquarie Garage Doors requires a clear and safe working area. Any large household items and vehicles must be removed from garage to ensure this clear area. Any loose items near the door would be best removed also.

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