Roller Door Openers

Macquarie Garage Doors offers a vast range of roller door openers designed to suit each and every type of roller door setup in the current market. From single to double size roller doors, doors with heavier weights and to doors with higher rate of cycles you can be sure Macquarie Garage Doors can deliver on all aspects.

Given we are the ONLY Authorised Merlin Dealer in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens Area you can be certain that all products are genuine. Merlin put a lot of time, resource and money into research and development to ensure that each and every garage door opener that is manufactured and sold is of the highest of quality and is compliant with current Australian Standard and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60335-2-95. It is important to choose a Merlin garage door opener from Macquarie Garage Doors as you do not want to end up with cheap models that are non-compliant as they may be a fire risk or safety risk which could cause damages to person or property and potentially void insurances if found to be at fault.

The most exciting product we are able to introduce into the market is the Merlin MyQ Silentdrive Elite Smartphone Monitoring and Operating System. This is the latest and greatest addition to the already fantastic range of garage door openers. With this addition it gives you the ability to not only open and close your door but to also monitor its open or closed status, recieve notifications about the door operating and with multiple users of family and friends potentially added you can check the log to see who has operated the door 24/7 365 days of the year so long as wifi is connected to the Merlin MyQ Gateway at home. Another great incentive to upgrade to the Merlin MyQ opener is that it comes standard with our upgraded E960M Premium 2.0+ Remote controls and also the IR-Safety Beam Kit.

With the world advancing to mobile smartphone connectivity now is the time to upgrade to this fantastic, convenient and secure product! Contact us for your installation TODAY!

Merlin Roller Door Motor Advantages

  • Compliant - To Australian Standard and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60335-2-95
  • Merlin 2.0+ Security - Transmitters communicate on multiple frequencies with encrypted rolling code of 4.5 Billion different combinations.
  • Energy Efficient Up To 75% Less Than Other Available Products - Advanced Technology uses less than 1 watt of power whilst in standby mode, meeting the world's toughest energy standards.
  • Quiet and Powerful Motor - The powerful and fast DC Motor is quiet and manufactured to last with the strength to open any branded domestic door up to 120kg and 18m2.
  • Improved Transmitter Range - Tested against other available products the Merlin 2.0+ transmitter have up to 18% better range which means you can open your garage door opener sooner. ( Recommend Only opening garage door within clear site )
  • Soft Start/Stop Function - Designed to ensure smooth and quiet door operation while also protecting the motor gears over long periods of usage.
  • Long Warranty and After Sales Service - With Warranties ranging from 3 years all the way up to a full 7 year parts and labour warranty on some models you can rest assure your motor is designed to last for years to come. Merlin and Macquarie Garage Doors stand behind our product with an after sales support team that we believe are the best in the industry. ( See further below for listed warranty or select your opener brochure download for more warranty information )
  • Premium Automatic Safety Reverse - Stated in AS/NZS 60335-2-95 is that a garage door operated by a opener must reverse within 0.75 seconds of hitting an obstruction at no more than 400 N force if IR-Beam system are not fitted and up to 2 seconds and 800 N of force if IR-Beam system are fitted. All of Merlin's roller door openers have this safety reversal to ensure compliancy with this strict standard. IR Beams must be able to detect obstruction at 100mm of height. ( Note - IR-Beam Systems are available upon request to our sales team at additional costs. )
  • Automatic Force Sensing - Each Merlin Roller Door Opener is equipped with automatic force sensing, with each operation the garage door opener monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your garage door all keeping within the AS/NZS 60335-2-95.
  • Emergency Manual Release - Each Merlin Roller Door opener has been fitted with a manual release in case of power failure whereby you can simply activate the manual release and operate the garage door manually.
  • Great Range Of Accessories - Merlin have made available a great range of accessories to interface with your Merlin garage door opener. From Visor, keychain and wall button remotes to digital external keypads to IR-Beam Systems, Battery Backup Kits and now Smartphone compatability you can tailor your operating setup to suit your home and family.

Merlin Garage Door Motor Warranties

  • Merlin MR865 Evo MyQ Silentdrive Elite - 7 Years/15,000 Cycles* 
  • Merlin MR855 Evo Silentdrive Pro - 7 Years/15,000 Cycles*
  • Merlin MR655 Evo Quietdrive Pro - 5 Years/10,000 Cycles*
  • Merlin MR550 Evo Weatherdrive - 3 Years/7,500 Cycles*

*All Merlin Garage Door openers require the door to be serviced regularly by Macquarie Garage Doors during warranty period. Full Terms & Conditions available at

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