Roller Doors

Macquarie Garage Doors prefers Gliderol Garage Doors for all of our Colorbond Roller Doors. Where Gliderol seperate themselves from the market to offer the best roller door is by using the thickest gauge of colorbond in the roller door market. This helps with having a stronger curtain across bigger door sizes and less flex in the door helping keep it secure in the tracks. The Gliderol Roller Door has been designed to have a profile that is a simple 90 degree square for straight contemporary lines to suit even the newest design built homes.


Every Gliderol Roller Door is custom made to measure to suit your opening and come in a range of sizes from 1200mm high to 3000mm and a width of 750mm to 5500mm. Note - 5500mm wide doors only available up to 2400mm in height.

Using only Australian Made Colorbond Steel all of these roller doors come in a vast range of up to 23 different Colorbond colours.

Gliderol Roller Doors can be manually operated by hand or if door is to high a manual pull chain but why not take the manual labour out of it by installing one of our Merlin Roller Door Openers.
It comes with a 3, 5 or 7 year warranty depending on the model you require. Remote system is the most advanced and secure in today's market also as it comes with Merlin 2.0+ Technology meaning that there are 3 different frequencies ensuring that no frequency interference can occur, longer range of remote operation and also a rolling code system with 4.5 billion different code combinations meaning that everytime you press your remote the code digitally changes.
Merlin have also just realeased their MyQ Range which enables users to operate and monitor their garage door. Through downloading an app and having a wifi connection within range at your home you are able to operate your door from anywhere in the world. You can also see whether your door is open or closed in the status menu and recieve notifications anywhere in the world informing you that your door has opened or closed. This gives the home owner a great deal of satisfaction knowing that their door is closed to keep unwanted people out of your home and keeping everything secured.

As of 1st October 2017 all Gliderol Garage Door, Danmar Garage Door and Merlin Garage Door Openers supplied and installed by Macquarie Garage Doors come with a 7 year Parts & Labour Warranty. To uphold this warranty your garage door or opener must be serviced by Macquarie Garage Doors technician every 2 years.

Macquarie Garage Doors also provides other major brands such as B&D Roller Doors, Steeline Roller Doors and Centurion Roller Doors if there is that case that we need to match an existing style and brand of door.

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