Cleverseal Brush Systems

Fed up with all those annoying cold draughts, smoke, driving rain, excess water, pests, dust, coastal corrosion, pollen and of course bushfire embers invading your garage?

Block out the elements by closing the gaps around the door and floor with a sealing system. The tight seal will keep the inside of your garage clean despite the weather outside.

Macquarie Garage Doors only uses the best when it comes to garage door sealing systems. All our brush seal kits are supplied by Cleverseal. These come in a range of different options to suit your style of garage door.

The Cleverseal system is rated as a dust/pest brush system designed to specifically keep our dust and pests from your garage. it also helps keep drafts from coming through the gaps of the door.

With New South Wales prone to a lot of bushfire regulations Cleverseal have designed ther "Cinderseal" range. This is for when you are building a new home or extension and your Bushfire Attack Level better known as your BAL Rating is at levels of 12.5BAL to Flame Zone. Cinderseal is the only product in the market that has been specifically developed for the first line in protection against bushfire for garage doors and meets all Australian Standards.

Check Out Cleverseal's brush sealing system.


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