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Industrial Roller Doors

Macquarie Garage Doors uses the best Industrial Roller Door in today's market, the Gliderol Industrial B Series Roller Door. Gliderol only uses Australian Made Colorbond Steel to manufacture all their doors.

The Gliderol industrial roller door is designed and made to suit all applications including commercial and industrial buildings.

Designed to provide reliable service for years to come, the Industrial Roller Door offers counterbalanced spring assembly, allowing smooth and reliable operation of your Gliderol door.

Fitted with durable weatherseal along the solid aluminium base rail, the Industrial Roller Door has been specifically designed and manufactured for Australian weather conditions. If you’re looking for a secure, reliable and strong roller door then Gliderol’s Industrial Roller Door is the right roller door for your business. 

Gliderol Series B Industrial Roller Door Features

  • Roller Door Curtain - Gliderol roll-formed Australian Made Colorbond Steel sheet panels provide strength and quality in design to enhance overall appearance. 
  • Polyglide - Developed by Gliderol specifically for effortless roller door operation with minimal noise and friction. Polyglide has been tested for 22,000 cycles of continuous use, the equivalent of more than 20 years of service based on three cycles a day. 
  • Drum Wheel - The Gliderol nylon drum wheel has been developed over time into a hard-wearing high performance component. 
  • Spring Assistance - A Gliderol spring assisted mechanism offers precise balance between the weight of the curtain and the upward pull of the springs, regardless of the position of your door. 
  • Direct Chain Wheel - Constructed of glass reinforced nylon, the direct chain wheel ensures safety is maintained at all times. 
  • Aluminium Base Rail - The aluminium bottom rail has been speci cally designed to reinforce your Gliderol Roller Door against intruder penetration.
  • Extensive Colour Range - The colour range is extensive in our COLORBOND® colours with 23 different colours to choose from so even though it may be seen as industrial we can make sure the door looks great also
  • Windlock Guides - In areas threatened by high winds you can upgrade your new Gliderol industrial Roller Door to have Windlock Guides. These are extra Nylon Clips on the end of the door curtain which lock into the guide to better protect against the roller door blowing out of the guides. Also great for adding extra security.


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