How to Code in a New Merlin Remote


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Merlin Wireless Remote Programming (Remote Accessories)


Note: The transmitters supplied with your opener are preprogrammed by the factory. 

!! Activate the opener only when the door is in full view, free of obstruction and properly adjusted. No one should enter or leave the garage while the door is in motion. Do not allow children to operate push buttons or transmitters. Do not allow children to play near the door.


If you purchase additional transmitters, the garage door opener must be programmed to accept the new transmitter code.

Program the receiver to match additional transmitter codes:

instructionsUsing the “S” SAVE Button

1. Press and hold the button on the transmitter that you wish to use (1).

2. Press and release the “S” button on the opener (2).

3. Release the transmitter button when the courtesy light flashes twice. It has learnt the code. If you release the transmitter button before the opener light flashes, the opener has not learnt the code.

The opener will now operate when the transmitter button is pressed.


To Erase all Transmitter Codes

1. Press and hold the “S” button on the opener until the courtesy light flashes twice, and continue holding for approximately 8 seconds, until the courtesy light flashes twice again.

2. Release the button, all codes are now erased.


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