Merlin Manuals & Other Products

Lost the owners' instruction manual for any Merlin Garage Door Opener?

Look no further as in this section we have all your owners' instruction manuals available for download, copy and print

We have the following manuals for these current models - 

Panel Doors

Current models

Older Models

Roller Doors

Current Models

Older Models

Having the owners manual is handy for troubleshooting any issues with any of the Merlin Garage Door Opener range. At the back section of each manual, it will have a diagnostic chart. If unable to remedy the issue by following these diagnostics please contact Macquarie Garage Doors and inform them of the light flashing sequence so we can further help over the phone or by arranging once of our highly experienced service team to attend site and run tests on your garage door and opener.

It is highly recommended by Macquarie Garage Doors that your garage door be serviced by one of our experienced service team every 2 years. This helps to avoid major repair costs by ensuring the door and opener are operating at a premium to stop extra unwanted wear and tear on parts.

As of 1st October 2017 all Gliderol Garage Door, Danmar Garage Door and Merlin Garage Door Openers supplied and installed by Macquarie Garage Doors come with a 7-year Parts & Labour Warranty. To uphold this warranty your garage door or opener must be serviced by Macquarie Garage Doors technician every 2 years. 

Contact us today to discuss with our team about servicing your garage door.


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