Garage Door Repairs

Maintenance and regular servicing of garage doors, gates, shutters, and commercial doors are not often seen as important, and it is often taken for granted that the door will never fail. Due to the many moving parts with all types of doors, they become dry, can get noisy, can misalign and create extra wear and tear on parts. 

Our simple comparison is that of a car that you get serviced regularly to help prevent that moment of failure leaving you stuck not being able to get anywhere. Like a car, the garage door needs some love and attention and this is an important service that Macquarie Garage Doors offers.

With eight dedicated service vehicles, we can provide quick and efficient turn around to ensure that if you have a break down we can get to you quickly to reduce the time that your garage door is not operating. 

We can service all major brands and models and offer honest, on the spot advice for what is going to be the best course of action to repair/service your garage door.

Macquarie Garage Doors highly recommends that all residential garage doors be serviced every 18-24 months. This is seen as preventative maintenance to keep your door running in the best possible way all year round. This service includes making sure the door tension is correct, the door is aligned properly, the motor settings are all correct, and the safety reversal system is working as per Australian Standard and full lubrication of door parts.

Warranty for some doors and automatic garage door openers requires that you have your door and/or motor serviced every 12-24 months. 

For your garage door service please call one of our friendly team to organise preventative maintenance today.

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